England with The Cuckoo’s Calling

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“To prove, to solve, to catch, to protect: these were things worth doing; important and fascinating.”–Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo’s Calling

  • Here’s what happens:
    • Model Lula Landry dies tragically–and the question of murder versus suicide enraptures her family and the public. Private investigator and down-on-his-luck hero Cormoran Strike teams up with his ambitious temp Robin Ellacott to get to the bottom of Lula’s death–and in the process, they end up learning a lot about themselves and each other.
  • It’s good because:
    • J.K. Rowling (who chooses to go by the pseudonym Robert Galbraith for this book) is a phenomenal writer, and even though there’s no magic, dragons, or Dumbledore, it remains that Rowling/Galbraith is a gifted story crafter.
  • Read if:
    • You enjoy a mystery with strong characterization. It wasn’t quite Gone Girl spell-binding, but there are definitely a few plot twists that will keep you wondering–not to mention more than a handful of captivating and unique characters.

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