Bosnia and Herzegovina with Love and Obstacles


“I responded to the infelicity of adolescence and the looming iniquity of adulthood by retreating into books.”–Aleksandar Hemon, Love and Obstacles

  • Here’s what happens:
    • This is a collection of short stories from the perspective of a delightfully introspective and colorfully curious Bosnian narrator who looks at his world with an electric sense of intuition and possibility.
  • It’s good because:
    • It’s an unexpected assortment of tales, that seem both random in their circumstances and inextricably connected in their heart. Our narrator’s earnest search for meaning and adventure throughout exploits like falling in love, searching for his inner poet, or coping with a war-torn heritage are enlightening and heartfelt.
  • Read if:
    • You’re not quite sure what you’re in the mood to read. This is a short, diverse array of remarkably human experiences, written with exceptional craft and care. I didn’t know quite what I was getting into when I picked up this book (and I even suspect, I still don’t understand the full depth and magnitude of these stories quite yet!), but I have to say it was a beautiful book that has me interested  in reading Hemon’s other books.

Up next: Peru with Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto!


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