The Democratic Republic of Congo with Congo


“It was frightening to be confronted by what Stanley had called ‘the indifferent immensity of the natural world.'”–Michael Crichton, Congo

  • Here’s what happens:
    • A failed geological mission and an outlandish primatology hypothesis bring a group of scientists to the jungles of the Congo in search for the lost city of Zinj. Equipped with fragmented knowledge of primate-related violence in the area and accompanied by a sign-language-speaking gorilla named Amy, the team dives into this region wildly unprepared for the obstacles awaiting them.
  • It’s good because:
    • Michael Crichton is a brilliant writer who skillfully blends seemingly plausible scientific information with a fast-moving plot. Think Jurassic Park, except gorillas instead of raptors.
  • Read if:
    • You enjoy the kind of science fiction that doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Sure, at points the plot does get weighed down with techno-babble jargon, but Crichton spares no expense when it comes to supporting his story with science.

Up next: Switzerland with Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum!


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