Germany with Unbroken


“A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.”–Pete Zamperini, Unbroken

  • Here’s what happens:
    • Louie Zamperini is a remarkable Olympic athlete and WWII veteran whose physical accomplishments and mental triumphs are truly super-human. Hillenbrand gives the personal history of this flawed but magnanimous man, and recounts his contributions to his country. It is awe-inspiring, and worthy of all the praise it has received.
  • It’s good because:
    • Zamperini is a real-life, dynamic hero who leaps off the page with his incredible feats. Hillenbrand reinvigorates his story with spell-binding storytelling that keeps readers at the edge of their seats. I think the greatest praise for nonfiction is that you forget you’re learning about real events, that it feels so magical and amazing that it seems the story was crafted just for your enjoyment. That is exactly how this book feels.
  • Read if:
    • You’re looking for an informative and inspiring page-turner.  Not necessarily a typical holiday read, but definitely one that was unbelievable and totally fascinating!

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