Syria with Murder on the Orient Express

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“There was a kind of cool efficiency in the way she was eating her breakfast and in the way she called to the attendant to bring her more coffee, which bespoke a knowledge of the world and of traveling.”–Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express

  • Here’s what happens:
    • This is a classic murder mystery story, unraveling the death of a train passenger while the train is stopped in a snowstorm. Master detective Hercule Poirot takes us on the intellectual adventure of piecing together scant evidence and suspect testimonies to make sense of the puzzling situation.
  • It’s good because:
    • Agatha Christie is considered an authority on mystery writing for a reason. It’s a quick-moving story, and it’s amazing the way she is able to piece together such a perplexing circumstance.
  • Read if:
    • I’m not much of a mystery reader, but I have to say I wound up enjoying this story much more than anticipated. I loved the unique characters, and appreciated the fast unfolding of the plot. Plus, the movie adaptation looks wonderful!

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